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Exercising your right to retention

“My friend borrowed my motor vehicle and damaged it. She took it to the repair shop and undertook to pay for the repair cost. A couple of weeks later my friend is nowhere to be found and has not paid the repair cost of my motor vehicle. The repair shop does not want to return my motor vehicle until the repair cost has been paid in full. What do I do?”

Estate Agents Beware

The activities of estate agents are regulated in terms of the provisions of the Estate Agency Affairs Act No. 112 of 1976 ("the Act"). The primary goal of the Act is to regulate the activities of estate agents in the public interest. Implicit in this goal is the protection of members of the public against the activities of unconscionable estate agents. One of the key features of the Act is the establishment of the Estate Agency Affairs Board and the Estate Agents Fidelity Fund.

Section 28 and The Sentencing of Primary Caregivers

Sentencing has always been a burdensome task for the courts of South Africa. Fortunately this task has been made easier through the application of the Zinn triad approach which was formulated by the Constitutional Court in S v Zinn 1969 (2) SA 537 (A). However, the challenge of deciding on a punishment that fits the crime is only made more difficult...

When an employee is injured on duty – an employer perspective

Ten Million One Hundred and Seventy Two Thousand. More or less. This is the number of people in South Africa currently engaged in some form of employment. That’s some ten million people who wake up in the morning and go to work (or work through the night) and who, during the course of that day, often risk sustaining injuries or contracting diseases while they are on duty.

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